The Speech

I stepped up to the mic, stared out to a crowd, hundreds of Ethiopian farmers. A shiver jolted down my spine. My breath quickened. My heart pounded. I took a deep breath. I looked down at the paper in my hand and saw letters I recognized but the words looked like alphabet soup. I spoke … More The Speech

Random Thoughts

Hey All, sorry I have slowed down the pace of my blogs recently. That hiatus is over. I just finished up the most challenging book I have read in my short life. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. It’s a tomb and not told in sequential order. It took living in rural Ethiopia with lots … More Random Thoughts

Summer Time Bliss

I just finished breakfast. I meander down the main road of Lalo, clouds dot the sky like a fleet of invading UFOs, birds chirp constantly like the background hum of a refrigerator. 4 toddlers are pouncing on all four limbs, pretending to be cats, I think. My name, slices through the air. John, I have … More Summer Time Bliss


Ramadan is wrapping up. For those that can’t quite remember the intricacies of Ramadan, if you would have asked me a year ago I would have been one of those folks, I’ll fill you in, well, sort of. It’s a month of fasting during the day. Ramadan has been wonderful. I have the luxury of … More Ramadan

Soccer Development

I just got back from watching Ethiopia play Ghana in some sort of African Cup soccer qualifier. It was fascinating to be with people universally from a different country. Everyone was surprised┬áI rooting for Ethiopia. ┬áI was even outfitted in my Ethiopia shirt. Interestingly enough not everyone was rooting for Ethiopia. There were certain people … More Soccer Development

My musings

This is a bit deeper than my random thoughts posts. My musings is a view into the thoughts that I ponder, the questions that keep me up at night. What I imagine swishing a fine wine in your mouth and letting it linger for the apple peel aftertaste is what these thoughts are to my … More My musings