My Happy Place

I have found a tranquil, picturesque, magnificent location. It’s about a 20 minute trek outside Lalo.

The market (Sundays and Thursdays) in my town occurs on a downslope of a hill. While at market a few weeks ago I stared off into the forest on the adjacent hill. Hmm, that would be a nice place to go.

So, I went.

Crossing a creek via a log, passing circular huts with thatched roofs and winding through dense forest on farmers paths a millennium old. At the top of the adjacent hill after walking through dense jungle a meadow opens up. Cows grazing, monkeys hooting, birds chirping, insects buzzing.

In the distance I can see the bustle of market. But, here no bustle to be found.

I go as much as possible now. 4 times this week. It’s close enough to go to with only a 2 hour break.

Farmers plod by craning their necks in confusion. Some knew of me before hand and shout a quizzical, John? They know there’s a white guy in town, and this is a white guy, but, here?

Now they have gotten used to me. One farmer, Mustafa, even brings me bananas whenever I see him.

There is no concept of hiking or enjoying the outdoors here. They think I’m nuts for wanting to climb a hill or even be outside.

Their thinking is if you’re rich enough to spend your time in doors, do it. I confuse a lot of Ethiopians.

2 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. It brings me such joy to know you can balance your time of being busy with your students and new found Ethiopian friends with your need for peace and tranquility where your inner-self finds renewal and the knowledge that we’re all in One World after all – God’s world whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or whatever – monkey, bird, insect — we are all God’s creatures. How wonderful! Balance is hard to find but seek and ye shall find…. Love you …. more, G


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