Teaching Moments

This will be similar to my random thoughts post, but exclusively in the classroom. Ethiopian classrooms are, unsurprisingly, less formal than their American counterparts. But, teenagers and students are largely the same. This includes doing work for other classes in my English class. Well, it did. I have taken the measure of snatching any notebooks … More Teaching Moments


  Living in Lalo, Oromia, Ethiopia has been a life altering experience. I’ve met a wide assortment of people. I’ve learned and integrated into a new culture. I’ve adjusted to a completely different diet. I squat to use the bathroom and carry a jerry can for water. One aspect I didn’t expect is the complex, … More Paradox

I made it on TV!

This past weekend the time finally came for my wereda to play in the zonal (Ethiopia is divided into eleven regions, which are subdivided into 63 zones, which are further subdivided into 529 wereda) volleyball championship. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time. My town seemed extremely skilled at volleyball, but … More I made it on TV!

Disaster Strikes

I want to forewarn. This story is disgusting, embarrassing and gross. If you somehow hold me in high regard, or have a light stomach, stop now. I have been very fortunate so far to not really get sick in Ethiopia. I am one of the few. This is a tale about me not quite getting … More Disaster Strikes


I may step on some toes here, oh well, it’s my blog, right? This will be a two part blog. First I will pass on my knowledge of religion in Ethiopia through my experiences. In part two I will give my personal thoughts on religion, get excited for some existential ramblings. Religion in Ethiopia is … More Religion

Random Thoughts

Part 2 I want to write a preface for this post and all posts. I refer often to Ethiopians as a whole. It is just short hand. Ethiopia is an extremely diverse country. Oromians are different from Tigrians, Amharans from Somolians. I live in Oromia, more specifically western Oromia. When I make the generalization “Ethiopians” … More Random Thoughts

Learning Afan Oromo

I have mentioned it many times throughout my blog, but I want to go a little more in depth about the language I am learning. I am very proud to say last week when I had a meeting in the capital, Addis Abbaba, I scored an Intermediate-High on my language proficiency. I still have a … More Learning Afan Oromo

Muslim Wedding

Part 1 I had just hung up the phone with my mother. She had just informed me of Wisconsin’s devastating loss in the Big Ten championship game. It was 7:00 A.M.. Seconds after I hung up the phone rang again. Maybe Wisconsin pulled off a miracle comeback, she did say there were a few seconds … More Muslim Wedding